Cisco Unified Communication Tools

Migrate Subscriber Data (MSD)

Version   1.2.16
Last Update   12/3/2010
Statistics   3 Meg self extracting EXE file.  Unpack and run setup.  No reboot required
Compatibility   Unity 4.x
Unity 5.x
Unity 7.x

NOTE: MSD should work with Unity 8.x as long as the subscribers are not sourced or destined to an Ex2k10 server.  The limitation is with ExMerge and there are no plans to enhance MSD to support Ex2k10.  For Ex2k10 support, customers should consider migrating to Connection 8.5+ for SIB (which supports Ex2k10)

NOTE: Read the help file for caveats running this tool on versions prior to Unity 4.0(4)
Support   TAC supported

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Training Video:

Migrate Subscriber Data Training Video- (1.5 meg, 2 minutes 20 seconds)