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The Send voice mail via CDO application allows you to select a WAV file and a Unity subscriber and then sends a voice mail message from the “Unity Messaging System” account to that user using CDO calls.

You need to be logged into the system as the message store facing account (i.e. the one associated with the AvCsMgr service) for this to work properly since you have to log into the system as the Unity Messaging System account to send the message.

The principals demonstrated in the source code here can easily be applied such that you can send/redirect emails with attached WAV files as voice mail messages and/or allow you to convert standing emails with WAV attachments into voice mails that Unity can pick up.

Requirements/Special Notes

NOTE: This, as with all the code samples on my site, are written against and tested with Unity 4.0(2) and later.  Many will work fine with 3.x versions of Unity, however we will not help you with problems you may encounter due to subtle (and not so subtle) differences between the versions.

You may use and modify this and all code I post on ( any way you wish without crediting me or Cisco Systems.  Just think nice thoughts about us when you do it.

IMPORTANT: This source is provided "as is" and includes no warranty or guarantees of any kind. Short story - you use it, you're responsible for what happens.  End of story.  Test heavily before deploying in any kind of production environment.  Cisco TAC (Technical Assistance Center) does NOT support the use of code to administer Unity by anyone in the field so they will not assist you with problems you may encounter. 

For assistance with this and all sample code posted on or other programmatic administration issues you have with Unity 4.0(1) or later, please visit the Cisco Unity Forum.  We will do our best to help you there.  We will not assist with programmatic administration of systems earlier than 4.0(1).

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