Cisco Unified Communication Tools

Administrator Password Reset

Version   1.0.1
Last Update   7/24/1006
Statistics   2K ZIP file.  Unzip as per instructions below and run.  No reboot required.
Compatibility   Unity Connection 1.x (Windows based) - Note Unity Connection 2.x and later (Linux based) is not supported by this tool.
Support   TAC supported

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Tool Help:

This tool resets the Web access password for any account on a Unity connection 1.x system.  If someone has changed the only Administrator account's password or it's locked out or the like, you can use this tool to reset it to gain access to the SA again.

Place both files from the ZIP:


In the techtools folder on the Unity connection Server. Typically it is:

\program files\Cisco Systems\Cisco Unity Connection\

To Execute:

-- Open a command prompt and change directories to the Connection installation location TechTools directory.
-- Type: pwreset <alias> <password>
-- Press Enter/Return

NOTE: You must supply quotes around your password if you use a comma in your password,
otherwise special characters should work.