Cisco Unified Communication Tools

Broadcast Message Manager

Version   2.0.5 
Last Update   6/29/2017
Statistics   3 MB Windows installer package.  Run setup, no reboot required.
Compatibility   Unity Connection 8.5.1 or later
Advanced features require Informix ODBC Drivers to be installed
OS Support Windows Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Server 2008R2
Support   TAC supported

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Tool Help

Training Videos - all MP4 Flash, should play in browsers:

Broadcast Message Tool basics - sending a broadcast message from a local wav file to one or more Unity Connection servers. Play Video, 14 minutes
Broadcast Messate Tool troubleshooting and diagnostics Play Video, 13 minutes
Broadcast Message Manager advanced features.  Includes sending broadcast messages to only specific users via a CSV file, reviewing messages, playing broadcast message WAV files, deleting broadcast messages and reviewing which users have and have not yet heard specific messages. Play Video (9 minutes)