Cisco Unified Communication Tools

Unity Connection Network Migration Tool

Version   1.0.18
Last Update   4/1/2016
Statistics   8 meg setup EXE windows installer package.  Will install .NET 4.0 if it's not installed already which may require a restart. 

Requires Informix ODBC/ADODB Drivers to be installed.
Compatibility   Connection 10.0(1) and later only.
OS Support Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, 2008R2, 2012R2
Support   TAC supported
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Tool Help

Network Migration Tool Training

Installing and configuring ODBC Access.  Covers the basics of configuring a Unity Connection system for ODBC connectivity from off box. ODBC Access Basics, 12 minutes.
Network migration overview.  Basics of what the tool does and a demonostration of how it works. Training Video - 14 minutes.
Network migration with orphaned objects overview.  Basics of what orphan removal means and how it works - high level detail.  More logging outout details and DB details below. Training Video - 16 minutes.
Network migration debug and logging outpout - for TAC.  Details of what the tool is doing in the database, what debug output looks like (details of query and stored proc calls). Training Video - 21 minutes
Network migration orphan cleanup details - for TAC. More details of what the tool is doing when cleaning up orphan objects - database view and logging output coverage. Training Video - 13 minutes