Cisco Unified Communication Tools

Cisco Unity Data Link Explorer (CUDLE)

Version   1.0.47
Last Update   9/30/2009
Statistics   6.5 meg Windows installer package.  Download and run, no reboot required.

Unity 4.0(x)

Unity 4.1

Unity 4.2

Unity 5.0

Unity 7.0

Unity 8.0

CUDLE for Unity Connection 1.x can be found here.

CUDLI for Unity Connection 2.1 and later can be found here.

Support   TAC supported

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Tool Help

Training Videos: self playing EXEs, no codec necessary:

Training video for CUDLE - 5 meg, 15 min and 30 seconds.  self playing EXE, no codec or player needed.

Supplemental training video for CUDLE for new features as of 8/21/2003 - 4.8 meg, 15 minutes