Cisco Unified Communication Tools

Global Subscriber Manager

Version   2.2.5
Last Update   9/3/2010
Statistics   12 Meg Windows installer file.  Download and run.  Can run on or off the Unity server.  No reboot is required.
Compatibility   Unity 4.x
Unity 5.x
Unity 7.x
Support   TAC supported

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Tool Help

Help for Delete Objects Feature in GSM

Training Videos:

Global Subscriber Manager Training Video- 5.5 meg, 20 minutes 30 seconds - self playing EXE, no codec or player needed.

Supplemental Training Video - New Features as of 8/18/2003 4.7 meg, 22 minutes

(NOTE: The supplemental training video above was made on an early version of GSM that required both versions of Unity you were moving users between to be the same.  See the help file for the most recent version of GSM for details on the requirements here - GSM does now support moving users between older versions of Unity and newer versions).