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IP Fax Configuration Wizard

Last Update   7/18/2006
Statistics   9 Meg self extracting EXE.  Download, extract files and run INSTALL.BAT
Compatibility   Unity 4.x
Unity 5.x
Unity 7.x

For outbound fax support Unity 4.0(4) and later is required.

NOTE: This tool is intended for environments with simple, small-scale, low-traffic fax needs. For a detailed list of requirements and limitations, refer to the help file.


TAC supported with assumed limitations.

This tool is currently only tested and supported on US English versions of Windows.


NOTE: This tool is intended for low end voice mail only installs.  It is not intended as a fully featured fax replacement for large installs and UM environments.  Desktop access to faxes and fax functionality is mentioned in the documentation and client forms are provided for your personal use, however these are "use at your own risk" features.  TAC support for this feature extends only to voice mail only usage and not to desktop.

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Tool Help

Training Video:

IP Fax Configuration Wizard Training Video - 95 meg, 40 minutes, self playing EXE.  No codec or player needed.  This video covers _both_ inbound and outbound fax functionality.

Additional Information:

IP Fax Troubleshooting Guide - new tech tip for fax configuration on CCO.

Unity IP Fax Outbound Gateway Configuration Example

Unity IP Fax Inbound Gateway Configuration Example

Fax Forms:

These are simple forms for Microsoft Outlook that can make sending faxes from the desktop simpler for folks using the IP fax tool since it formats the subject line appropriately which can be a little tricky to do manually.  These forms assume the fax mailbox you setup for outbound faxing can be reached by addressing to "fax box".  If that's not the case, you will need to edit these forms to send the outbound fax to the correct location. These are not supported by TAC, but are fairly simple.  You can look at them and modify them for your own purposes if you like. 

Fax Forms (English)

Fax Forms (Dutch)

Fax Forms (German)

Fax Forms (French)