Cisco Unified Communication Tools

Connection 8.5 Training Material

Version   N/A
Last Update   11/23/2010
Statistics   Noted for each download
Compatibility   Connection 8.5(1)
Support   TAC supported

Videos are either in self extracting EXEs that come bundled with an AVI player built in or are mp4 (Quicktime) videos that come off the WebEx system.  For the EXEs, simply download and run, the video will start playing automatically on any Windoes version.  You shouldn't need to worry about audio/video codecs or finding a compatible player - it's all built in.  For MP4s you need to make sure you have a recent version of Apple's Quicktime player installed.

NOTE: For MP4 files it's best to right click on the links and use the "save target as" option (or equivalent in your browser of choice) - by default most browsers will try and play it directly which may work but can be rather slow.

NOTE: These downloads redirect to an internal FTP site - you need to make sure your browser has passive FTP enabled for these downloads to work properly.

Subject Links

Single Inbox

Overview Training Video (mp4)  14 minutes, 27 meg
Server auto discovery feature Training Video (exe)  23 minutes,  30 meg
Message Actions Training Video (mp4)  7 minutes, 26 meg
User Experience Training Video (mp4)  13 minutes,  32 meg
Troubleshooting (video is a little rough) Training Video (exe)  10 minutes,  33 meg
Annotated Diagnostics for message sync Rich Text Document

Viewmail for Outlook (VMO)

Overview Training Video (mp4)  9 minutes, 9 meg
Troubleshooting Server Connection Test - Training Video (mp4) 1 minutes, 1 meg
Diagnostic - Training Video (mp4)  4 minutes, 4 meg
Enterprise deployment with Admin Config Training Video (mp4)  9 minutes, 10 meg

Web Inbox

Overview Training Video (mp4) 3 minutes, 30 seconds - 3.5 meg
Troubleshooting Training Video (mp4) 20 minutes, 28 meg

Server Side Changes

IPV6 Power Point Slides
Virtualization changes for 8.5 Power Point Slides
Auditing Training Video (exe) 7 minutes 20 seconds - 13 meg

Conversation Updates

Secure Delete Training Video (mp4)  14 minutes,  8 meg
Message Expiration Training Video (mp4) 9 minutes, 14 meg
Message Aging Alert Training Video (mp4) 6 minutes,  4 meg
Visual Voice Mail configuration Training Video (mp4)  20 minutes, 35 meg
Visual Voice Mail troubleshooting Training Video (mp4)  14 minutes,  33 meg
Speech Connect for Unity Connection Training Video (mp4)  16 minutes,  20 meg


Upated functionality and coming Hot Mode moves for 8.5 Training videos and help can be found on the COBRAS Home Page