Cisco Unified Communication Tools

Connection 12.0 Training Material

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Last Update   9/8/2017
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Compatibility   Connection 12.0
Support   TAC supported

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Feature Description Material
Minimum TLS Support Cisco Collaboration Products need to support TLS v 1.2 and restrict TLS negotiation to that version and not allow less secure TLS connections by default meaning browsers/platforms that only support 1.0 or 1.1 will not be able to connect.  In 12.0 and later the administrator can set the minimum TLS version allowed when necessary. Download PPT Slides

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Opus Codec Opus is a speech and audio coded designed to handle a wide range of interactive audio applications.  Users can benefit from voice quality at both high and lot bit rates, resiliency and freedom from royalties. Download PPT Slides

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Seperate ISO Installs For 12.0 and later Unity Connection and Call Manager will publish on separate ISO images instead of a single combined one.  No change in installation process, however a COP file is required to upgrade from previous releases. Download PPT Slides

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Smart Licensing System Cisco Smart Licensing is a simpler licensing experience across the enterprise making it easier to purchase, deploy, track and renew Cisco software.  It provides visibility into the license ownership and consumption through a single user interface. Download PPT Slides

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