Cisco Unified Communication Tools

Connection 8.6.2 Training Material

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Last Update   9/8/2011
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Compatibility   Connection 8.6(2)
Support   TAC supported

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Subject Details
8.6.2 OVA L 8.6.2 OVA aims to help customers who need a software only solution from Cisco for UCM. It provides spec based requirements to configure CUC VM on servers in existing virtualization infrastructure eliminating the need to shift to UCS.
Overview Trainging Video - 23 meg, 10 minutes.

Power Point slides
Office 365 From 8.6.2 UCxn supports SIB functionality with Office 365 ie Voicemails can be synced with Hosted Microsoft Office 365
Overview Training Video - 16 meg, 12 minutes

Power Point slides
Demo Training Video - 16 meg, 12 minutes.
Troubleshooting Training Video - 14 meg, 6 minutes. (temporarily unavailable)
SpeechView Pro

In SpeechView PRO (version 8.6.2), the option of human assisted transcription is added in addition to the fully automated option for the better quality of transcription

Overview Training Video - 14 meg, 7 minutes (temporarily unavailable)

Power Point slides
Configuration Training Video - 62 meg, 20 minutes.(temporarily unavailable)
Troubleshooting Training Video - 47 meg, 16 minutes(temporarily unavailable)
Sync Transcription

Transcription of Voice Messages is now synchronized between Cisco Unity Connection 8.6(2) and later with Exchange Mailboxes

Overview Training Video - 29 meg, 10 minutes.(temporarily unavailable)

Power Point slides
Demo Training Video - 34 meg, (temporarily unavailable)