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Last Update   9/8/2015
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Compatibility   Connection 11.0
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Missed Call Notification Unity Connection to send me a missed call notification with Caller ID when a call goes RNA but the caller does not leave a message. With the addition of Intelligent Notifications in 9.0, we should be able to leverage this to generate a notification (basic or intelligent) when a caller is forwarded to a user's voice mail box and doesn't leave a message. The calling user either hangs up or uses menu options to leave the voice mail conversation before leaving a message.
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Configurable “From” field for Notifications and Outside Caller Messages The ability to configure the "from" field for notifications, SMTP, HTML, Relay, etc Messages for outside caller messages, so that users dont see "Unity Connection Messaging System" Download PPT Slides

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Message Notification. Subject line Customization This functionality was requested specifically by Bloomberg (Via Donnell Wright). •Subject line of Voice message is user editable today and is not intutive. User Story for Caller ID with Notifications - End User POV As a voice messaging user, I would like more information provided in the subject of a notification so that I know who sent the message (at least a caller-ID/#). Download PPT Slides

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DoD : Next Generation Security (DoD Suite B) The DoD will be deprecating SHA1, AES128, and TLS 1.0 in October of 2015. All Unity Connection interfaces must be capable of AES256, TLS 1.2, and SHA2 protocols and cyphers. Cisco crypto library has all the capabilities, however, CUC needs to implement them. Fallback to older protocols is ok. All this should perating in FIPS and non-FIPS mode. Download PPT Slides

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System Restore Tool System Restore Tool is used to diagnose the issues related to System Restore Tool, you can view the ERRORS.log file created at path /common/RestorePoints/recent Download PPT Slides

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