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Connection 11.5 Training Material

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Last Update   9/8/2017
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Compatibility   Connection 11.5
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Feature Description Material
Audit Logging 11.5 adds audit logging of remote account admin users, allows transmission to remote syslog server via TCP, triggers on alerts for failure of audit log transfer via TCP and logging for remote admin account be be sent to Log Stash server. Download PPT Slides

Auto Advance After Forwarding Message

After forwarding the message, Unity Connection plays “After Message Menu” and wait for user input to perform action such as save, delete and forward, then moves to the next message. With this new feature, administrator can configure Unity Connection to automatically move to the next message without playing After Message Menu options while forwarding the message.

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CARE - Advanced Replication 11.5 adds CLI options for monitoring and fixing networking replication processes. Download PPT Slides

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Common PIN Between Connection and Call Manager

11.5 allows administrator to configure CUC to synchronize the PIN between CUC and CUCM for users.

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Customizable Banner Screen In 11.0 and later OS administrators can configure Unity Connection to display a customized log-on message for users accessing the Connection Administration, Connection Servicability, Personal Communications Assistant, RTMT or Command Line interfaces. Download PPT Slides

Dynamic Roles and Privalages 11.5 allows administrators to dynamically create new roles and manage access control based on business requirements.  Privileges can be assigned/unassigned from custom roles and custom roles can, of course, be assigned to users. Download PPT Slides

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Media Master 2.0 11.5 introduces a new HTML5/CSS3 based media player with a more intuative interface and that removed dependencies on Java/Applet.  It supports the latest browsers and uses REST APIs for communicating with Unity Connection. Download PPT Slides

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Read Only CLI In 11.5 administrators now have the ability to create OS Admin user accounts with privilege level 0 that grants read only access to CLI commands and gives no ability for any write operations. Download PPT Slides

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Disable Account After Inactivity Period

Administrators can configure restricting access to the telephony or IMAP interface if a user does not login to their account for pre-configured number of days

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TUI Login Session Limit

Currently Unity Connection imposes no limit on the concurrent TUI sessions that can log into a single account.  In 11.5 and later administrators can set the number of concurrent TUI/VUI sessions allowed system wide.

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Video Messaging In Unity Connection 11.5 users can now record and playback video messages via video enabled phone interfaces. Download PPT Slides

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VM Fusion

Release 11.5 onwards the REST APIs for CUPI and CUMI have been updated to allow:

·         Added support for searching of users based on ‘Corporate Email Address’

·         Added support for mailbox synchronization based on ‘USN’ and ‘UID Validity’ attributes

·         Added support to search user messages with USN ‘greater than’ a given value

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